April 22, 7:00-10:00PM, doors open 6:15PM

The Lab, 2948 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Tickets will be available at the door; $5 general, $3 students

finger shooting at the sky

Evidence of Things Unseen

Simone Bailey (USA) - 2:02

Aiming at the clouds.

railing along the side of the road

Les Mystères de Paris

Konstantinos-Antonios Goutos (Germany) - 2:22

a ko.incidental documentary take, an (un)usual moment
taken on june 26, 2011 at 2 p.m.
with a normal digital video apparatus 
without tripod - without camera moves - without zooming
without special lighting - without extra microphone - without effects 
the sound and length of the shooting are the original 
there are no cuts in the scene.

glass window that says 'exhibition'

Everything Is Everyday

Patrick Tarrant (UK) - 10:17

With each shot recorded on a different day, this silent portrait of a window cleaner exploits the variable conditions to animate both continuity and change within the repeating patterns of the everyday. It is the surplus of shots not used, therefore, that creates an image of the everyday in passing.

guy in red shirt holding a camera

Mother of the World

Simon Tarr (USA/Egypt) - 12:00

Six million tons, suspended by the slightest gesture. Mother of the World presents a series of brief vignettes of Cairo just prior to the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. These fragmented scenes choreograph class structure and foreign influence into an intimate, poetic view of a nation about to change.

a naked butt

House Fuck

Lyra Hill (USA) - 6:00

House Fuck is a lust letter to the textures of antiquity, the sensation of home, and the sounds of my radiator. House Fuck is about touching surfaces. House Fuck is an erotic encounter with personal space.

Smiling woman infront of a body

You Suffer?

Todd Jurgess (USA) - 0:00:02

Give us two seconds, and we'll show you the world. Featuring images emblematic of our geopolitical state that flash by in the blink of an eye, "You Suffer?" attempts to fashion a rhetoric to simulate the average first-worlder's relationship to atrocity, geopolitics, and global capital.

blurred picture of a house

Passing Through

Rob Sabal (USA) - 6:30

I went to record some of the aftermath of the 2011 tsunami in Japan. Seeing the devastation reinforced the privileged position of someone passing through.

two pictures of the same parking lot at different times

January 8, 2011

Rembrandt Quiballo (USA) - 3:00

A two-channel video installation about the shooting of Gabriel Giffords and its impact on visual culture. By neutralizing compositional elements and landmarks through a kind of re-videography, I touch on our ephemeral media cycle and its relationship to the images and places that unconsciously endure in our cultural psyche.

shadowed figures dancing among red branches

How to Talk to Kids

Scott Fitzpatrick (Canada) - 3:00

A ghostly, melancholic adaptation of the Life Cycle Series of educational books for children and parents. 

two faces facing each other

Unsubscribe #4: The Saddest Song in the World

Jodie Mack (USA) - 3:00

A junkmail melodrama, this piece overlaps two a cappella multi-track recordings of Gerry Coffin and Carole King’s “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?” and MC Luscious’ “Boom! I Got Your Boyfriend” performed from memory. Exploiting the homogeneity of popular song structure propagated through top-ten radio hits, the re-preformed combination provides an extra-narrative to the breakup of our collective memory.

man holding a cup

Ghost of Yesterday

Tony Gault (USA) - 5:30

“Ghost of Yesterday” – a collage of rotoscoped home movies – is inspired by childhood memories of religion and altered consciousness.  The film explores our collective abandonment of analogy imagery and is a personal attempt to reconcile with digital imagery.

one man singing and other man playing the violin

Voice via Violine

Daniel Fetzner (Germany/Egypt) - 10:00

A live performance between the singer Jan F. Kurth in a gallery space in Freiburg/Germany and the violin player Harald Kimmig on a donkey cart in Cairo/Egypt is documented on two video monitors facing each other.

side of an building

One Storey

A. Moon (USA) - 13:00

A meditation on the effects of displacement, racial difference, and language barriers upon intimate relations. The protagonist moves from city to city, seemingly in an attempt to find the place wherein she might viably act as both subject and object of desire, while narrating her inner thoughts to an unnamed acquaintance. 

guy flexing his back muscle

The Olympian

Gerald Pesta (USA) - 5:50

The Olympian presents a montage of Eugene Sandow, the founding father of modern bodybuilding, and Dorian Yates who is considered to be one of the top professional bodybuilders in history.

two images of people

28.IV.81 (Descending Figures)

Christopher Harris (USA) - 3:30

28.IV.81 (Descending Figures) is comprised of footage... shot at a performance of Christ's Passion, staged as an attraction at a Florida amusement park.  ...[the] use of dual-screen and end flares result in mutual image competition.   ...pure filmic light continually disrupts these faux-holy scenarios from coming into being.   --Michael Sicinski, Cinema Scope Magazine 

black and white photo of a lake side

where she stood in the first place

Lindsay McIntyre (Canada) - 10:00

Situated at the exact geographic center of Canada, Baker Lake, Nunavut is the only inland settlement in Canadian Arctic. Fixing its gaze on this stark landscape, McIntyre’s haunting and sparse films uses hand-wrought black and white 16mm film in meditation on place and personal histories. 

x-ray of a skull

Aphasia Oceana

Danny Warner (USA) - 2:00

Stepping into the dawn of the bio-tech era, this experimental motionwork moves through aesthetic and conceptual territories within our bared physical scaffolding.

naked people descending a staircase

Nudes Descending a Staircase #2

H.D. Motyl (USA) - 4:40

Nudes Descending a Staircase #2 is a video tribute to Marcel Duchamp’s seminal painting, as it fractures, deconstructs and reassembles seven descending men. The processing of the images invokes questions about male nudity and male beauty, as the soundtrack underscores the images with sounds/noise created with ready-mades.

a cave opening

The Subterraneans

Toby Tatum (UK) - 4:37

A series of visions relayed through a heightened consciousness. These views frame the shadowy recesses that offer access to the underworld and draw us closer to the presences that lurk beyond these thresholds.

medicine bottles prescriptions

This is a short movie because I don't like to wallow in self-pity

Neil Ira Needleman (USA) - 2:40

All I have to say about this sad and distressing (and personal) topic. These aren't pleasant things to talk about, so I'll just let the movie do it for me. After all, that's why I made it.

a lion

If a Lion Could Speak...

Grahame Weinbren (USA) - 4:00

A riff on a Wittgenstein aphorism about conditions required for language to have meaning. Shot at Hollywood Animals, a company that provides lions, tigers, bears, and even hyenas for movies and TV commercials, with the voice of actress Meg Gibson, and an original piano soundtrack by Cas Weinbren.